Utah Community Bank

Utah Community Bank / FinWise Bank FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback about our name changing, but also a lot of questions, such as:

  • Why did UCB change its name/brand?

UCB changed its name to reach a broader customer base and to provide better products and services to our customers.

  • How will my account be affected?

Accounts will be unaffected.  You will see the new name and logo on account materials, such as statements.

  • Will my account information be protected?

UCB/FinWise continues to have protecting customer information as one of our highest priorities.  Please view our privacy policy  for details on how we use your information and our continued commitment keep your information private.

  • Is my money safe?

Funds held on deposit with UCB/FinWise are still FDIC insured.  For information on how FinWise may be able to offer additional coverage beyond the $250K limits set by the FDIC, please contact us.

  • How do I pay back a loan that I took out with UCB?

Loan payment can still be made via mail, billpay, phone, ACH, check, or cash at 820 East 9400 South, Sandy, UT 84094. 

  • Have the policies and/or systems changed? If yes, how?

Policies have not changed.  Free checking is still free checking.  We have added FREE access to more than 55,000 ATMs throughout North America, U.K., and Australia, as well as improved online offerings such as Mobile Remote Deposit Capture, POP Money and external funds transfer to better serve you.

  • Will FinWise automatically send me a new card, checks and change my direct deposit? If yes, when can I expect this to be?

Your direct deposit and automatic payments will continue to work and you may use any remaining checks that you have purchased.  Approximately one month prior to your existing debit card’s expiration, you will receive a new FinWise debit card.  You can still customize your PIN.

  • Is management going to stay the same?

Yes, you will see the same dedicated staff that you already know and who knows you. The environment and atmosphere will be the same.

  • Will the free services Utah Community Bank provided still be free?

Free Checking has always been a staple at UCB/FinWise and that won’t change.  We also offer free cashier’s checks, money orders, notary services, mobile remote deposit capture and more.