Utah Community Bank

Savings Secured

If you need to rebuild your Credit for whatever reason…we can help.

People have many different reasons borrowing and borrowing responsibility, but sometimes circumstances change that leave people unable to make their payments. Some lose their jobs; others incur significant medical bills. People get divorced and are left with too much debt.

Regardless of why you have credit problems, the situation can be remedied. One tool you can use to help reestablish your credit is our Savings or CD Secured Loan. A savings secured loan is secured by your savings account. Although your savings account is used as collateral, your money continues to earn interest. And most importantly, you show that you can manage your money, establish regular payment habits, and start to fix your credit for good! Think how much better you will sleep at night knowing your credit score is on its way up.

Take a look and these benefits:

  • Excellent way to build credit
  • Peace of mind in knowing you have fixed terms and monthly payments
  • Continue to earn interest on your savings
  • Terms up to 60 months
  • Guaranteed approval
  • Funds available the same day, in most cases
  • Convenient automatic payment or monthly coupons
  • Rate is 2.00% over the earning rate of the Savings Account or CD, with a minimum of 6.00% APR, subject to change.