Utah Community Bank


Need a large chunk of cash? Access funds with a Home Equity Line of Credit

Life is expensive, and a Home Equity Line of Credit can help you tap into funds to manage finances more easily.

Used wisely, a Utah Community Bank Home Equity Line of Credit, is a smart way to consolidate your existing debt using the equity in your home.  Consider these advantages:

  • interest paid may be deductible under federal and state income tax laws (ask your tax professional for details)
  • with credit card interest rates as high as 21%, using a Home Equity Credit Line can reduce your payments and help you get out of debt sooner
  • use the money any way you like: get an education, remodel your bathroom, or buy a new car

As always, our loan decisions are made locally. This means a faster turn-around time on approvals so you can get your loan sooner.

APR is variable, subject to change monthly, and as low at the Prime Rate, (as posted in the Wall Street Journal), + 1.00%, minimum as low as 6.00%APR, on approved credit, terms and conditions are subject to change.